Your store online does not sell. 7 Reasons and 7 solutions

Because my store online does not sell? Weekly we received requests and consultations on design of stores online in . Many of requests are of people without previous knowledge in management of physical stores or online, [...]

Not to sell to the Canary Islands with Woocommerce

When we realised a store online in woocommerce we ran into with the problem to sell or not to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla due to his different impositions from taxesand expenses of shipments often we preferred not [...]

2020-02-26T16: 03:28+02:0021 November, 2017|Stores online, Tutorial|2 Commentaries

Web optimized for SEO: it means this that leaves in the first positions of Google?

Many companies sell the Web to us optimized for SEO, which is very well because it is a great work very necessary and essential to position the WebGoogle, but it means this that an optimized Web [...]

2020-02-26T16: 05:29+02:0016 March, 2017|positioning|2 Commentaries

Swindles in Internet. Taken care of with swindlers

If you have registered a domain and a day you receive a message through form of your webpage, that says to you, in English, that if nonpayments in a connection that [...]

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To justify texts in wordpress last version

How to justify texts in wordpress from the version 4.7 Resulta that when updating wordpress to last version until now 4,7 we have realized that the tool to justify text is missing person, wordpress has decided [...]

How to translate Avada theme, translation of the blog and options of the subject

How to translate Avada Theme the premium subject Avada is one of the best groups for wordpress than we can be found in the market and I number 1 in sales during long time. To realise the translations of AVADA [...]