Purpose of the personal data processing

This policy of privacy establishes the form in which they are going away to manage the personal data in this Web. It is essential that you read it and you accept before continuing sailing.

In accordance with the established thing in Statutory law 15/1999, into 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data, we informed that, by means of the execution of our forms, their personal data will be built-in and will be treated in an automated file ownership Monca Peralta Garrido, nif to him: 29053987l, in order to be able to manage its requests and to maintain to him informed,to serve asked for by means of contact form,to execute the benefit contracted by the user and behavior its invoicing and collection, to manage the process of the registry of the user in the portal, to moderate commentaries and to manage the list of subscribers of this Web (shipment of newsletters)

The Web located in situated cgiget.com is property of Mónica Peralta Garrido, whose trade name is Match Enterprise Park C/Arquitectura. 41015, , Nif 29053987l.

In this Web cgiget.com a permanent commitment with the privacy of the data of subscribers is assumed, contacts, clients and it is guaranteed the bestpractices in the use of personal character data.

Cgiget are against to the shipment of e-mails nonasked for (Spam), putting all the efforts to prevent the illegal use of the e-mail.

Also one inquires to the users of this site who never and under no circumstance will share data of users obtained by means of this portal nor will be yielded the data ofusers to third parties unless these have been informed previously and it counts itself on his express authorization.

The platform could contain bonds to websites of third parties. If thus outside, in no case we will become people in charge of the practices of protection of data nor of the content of these websites. Therefore, it agrees that it kindly reads the policies of privacy of each website before accepting the conditions and to come to its use.

Shipment and Registry of Personal Character data

The shipment of personal character data is obligatory to contact and to conduct commercial operations with cgiget.com. Also, not to facilitate the personal data asked for or not to accept the present policy of protection of data it supposes the impossibility to process the requests realised in this portal.

The assumptions in which this Web requires personal data are:

  • In order to realise consultations through contact form.
  • In order to realise requests of budgets through form.
  • In order to ask for anyone of the services and/or products that we offer.
  • In order to realise the subscription when newsletter of cgiget.com
  • In order to comment posts published in the blog.
  • In order to send requests of collaborations at work

The personal information will be used of the following way:

  1. In order to promote the services of cgiget.com.:For example, if the User leaves his personal information in some of the contact forms, Creadodres Web can use those data to send information to him on its services in case this is asked for.
  2. In order to manage the list of subscriptions: the subscriptions to the blog only warn in the mail of the userof new the post raised.
  3. In order to moderate and to respond to the commentaries that the Users realise in the blog.
  4. For the attention to the client and to serve of pursuit.
  5. In order to contact with subscribers and users.
  6. In each one of the cases, as Usuary you will have right plenary sessions on your personal data and the use of the same and will be able to exercise them at any time.
  7. In no case we will yield your data to third parties without informing to you previously and requiring your consent.
  8. In order to obtain data of possible candidates to colabaraciones of work

Services offered by third parties in this Web

In order to provide strictly necessary services for the development of our activity, we shared data with the following lenders under its corresponding conditions of privacy.

All the utilities offered by third parties are strictly necessary for the development of our services and have been selected taking care of the fulfillment of the rights that we preserved in this Web.

The following companies will have access to the personal information necessary to realise their functions, but they will not be able to use it for other aims. In addition, they will have to treat the personal information in accordance with the present Warning of Privacy and the applicable legislation in the matter of protection of data.

  • Hosting: SERED HOSTING, SL, c Progress 177, To Rua, 32350, Ourense. It deals with the data users and prescribers Weborder to realise his services of hosting and e-mail to Cgiget. More information in Strato.es
  • Invoicing: Freelance SCM,F84278266, Av. Monastery of Dump 24, Duplex I 28049. More information in freelance.es deals withthe data clients and suppliers in order to realise servicesof invoicing corresponding to the services contracted by the clients of Cgiget. The invoicing data will only be requested in the case of contracting some of our services.

Systems of capture of personal data that picks up this Web

This Web uses different systems from capture of personal information, always requiring the previous consent of the users to deal its personal data with the indicated aims.

As Usuary you must right to revoke your previous consent at any time.

Systems of capture of personal information that it uses:

  • Forms of contacts: Forms of contact for consultations or doubts.
  • Forms of budgets: Forms to ask for budgets of services
  • Forms of candidates for collaborations of work

In all the case the email address or telephone will be used to respond the same and to send the information that the user requires through the Web.

  • Form of commentaries: the Web also includes a form to comment posts published in the blog. As Usuary you will be able to publish commentaries in the post that are published. The personal data introduced in the form to insert these commentaries will be used exclusively to moderate them and to publish them. The mail introduced in the forms will also be used for communication of answers in the commentaries. When the visitors leave commentaries in the Web, we collected the data that are in the form of commentaries, as well as direction IP of the visitor and the user agent chain of the navigator to help the detection of Spam. A created anonymous chain from your email address (also called hash) can be provided to the service of Gravatar to see if you are using it. The policy of privacy of the Gravatar service is available here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After the approval of your commentary, the image of your profile is visible for the public in the context of its commentary.
  • Cookies: when the user registers himself or sails in this Web, cookies? are stored. The user can consult at any time the policy of cookies to extend information on the use of cookies and how to deactivate them. If you leave a commentary in our site will keep your name, email address and Webcookies. This is for your comfort, so that you do not have to return to fill up your data when you leave another commentary. These cookies will last of a year. If you publish or you publish an article will keep an additional cookie in your navigator. This cookie does not include personal data and simply it indicates YOU GO of the article that you finish publishing. Expired after 1 day.

The User guarantees that the facilitated personal data through the different forms are truthful, being forced to communicate any modification of the same. Also, the User guarantees that all the facilitated information corresponds with its real situation, that is bought up to date and is exact. In addition, the User commits himself to maintain his up-to-date data at any moment, being the only person in charge of the inaccuracy or falsification of the facilitated data and the damages that can cause for that reason to Mónica Peralta Garrido as titling of the Web cgiget.com or to third parties on the occasion of the use of these data.

Inlhelp content

The articles and pages of this site can include inlhelp content (for example, videos, images, articles, maps etc.). The inlhelp content of another Web behaves exactly in the same way that if the visitor had visited the other Web.

These Web can collect data on you, use cookies, inlay an additional pursuit of third parties, and supervise your interaction with that inlhelp content, including the pursuit of their interaction with the inlhelp content if you have an account and you are connected to that Web.

Time of conservation of your data

The provided personal data will be conserved during:the necessary minimum, being able to even stay:

?5 years: data of the forms of consultations without contracted services.

?Until the activity stops: Data of the Clients with contracted services.

?Candidates of use: if the candidate were not selected, they will conserve themselves during a maximum of 3 years to incorporate them to future calls, unless the candidate pronounces himself against.

Exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (ARC)

The user will be able to direct his communications and to exercise his rights ARC following the formalities imposed by Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data and its Regulation of Development.

He will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by means of request written and signed in which is contained the following data: full name, address with the object of notifications, along with valid test in right, as the national identity document or equivalent photocopies of, and the request in which the request takes shape. The writingwill have to be sent to info@cgiget.com

Acceptance and consent

The User declares to be informed into the conditions on Protection of Personal Character data, accepting and allowing the treatment of the same on the part of Cgiget in the form and for the purposes indicated in the present Policy of Privacy.

Changes in the present policy of privacy