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Design of Stores online in

The development of stores online in has grown of spectacular way. In Spain, 7 of each 10 consuming ones already realise purchases through Internet, means that 71.2% of the Spaniards are potential clients of stores online, of this percentage 19% buys at least once to the week through electronic commerce. To that delays to mount your ecommerce?

It increases your clients, increases your sales

More client obtains. He creates a store in WordPress. We have the best experts in the design of stores online in .

Where before you did not arrive now you will be able to do it easily. 24 hours, 365 days to the year, maximum visibility for your products and your business.

Many businesses in already have gone to the ONLINE one and to be first can suppose a great advantage for the future of your company, you do not remain back.

It increases the sale of your products thanks to your store online, you will amortize the costs of the design, since you will be able to arrive at all parts of a present way, comfortable and quickly simple.
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You will be able to control your virtual store of simple way:

  • Self-managementable, Easy management by the user: From a simple panel you will be able to negotiate the realised sales and the shipments, to change to the situation of the order or the returns.
  • Products: It raises, it publishes or it eliminates your products, manages Stock, supplies
  • Orders: Easy and it completes management of the orders and statistics of realised purchases online.
  • Different forms of payment: The shopping cart online, accepts great amount of forms of payment (Paypal, against-reimbursement, credit card and debit [different footbridges from payment], banking transference, collection in store).
  • Fast learning by means of courses online in accordance with your needs
  • Maintenance minimum Web and of low cost
  • Design customized and optimized Web for particular use


  • Administration of clients
  • Control of categories and subcategories
  • Data and safe transactions (certificate SSL/https)
  • Safe payments payment footbridge
  • Control of Stock
  • Integration of Payment with Tarjeta (TPV)
  • Administration of contents
  • Administration of banners
  • Manager of promotions and discounts
  • Analysis of Sales
  • Registry of clients

Reasons to have a Store Online

Many clients already consult, businesses online before physically going to the place, the information necessity online is more and more necessary. He will obtain that their potential clients come informed and safe of the product that is going to buy or to contract. He pitches his Tent already Online! he lifts his sales of comfortable and simple way. We were in charge to mount the base, and your to sell the product.

1. - Because this growing and surely your competition or has eCommerce or is working in it. The numbers of sales in Internet are more and more high and will continue raising. To occupy a position within your sector of sale, will now cost less resources and money to you than within 1 year since the competition is smaller right now. Every minute that passes account.

2. - It increases to your prestige and professional image of your business. Branding is a fashionable word that consists of which your name of company is known. Knowledge that a real store offers its products through Internet provides prestige and professional image (branding). To operate the relation between the virtual store and the real one will cost to you very little in the short term and the benefits will arrive soon in the form of sales online.

3. - More services for your habitual clients. Or the physical businesses are many that receive visits of tourists but who they would like to far realise orders from because your product them enchantment, because they remained with the desire to buy it or because they want to recommend it to a relative or friend. Easy Pónselo and allows that your physical and real clients, occasional visitors or tourists can buy to you ONLINE.

4. - Low and accessible costs. To mount a business online is very economic in comparison with the real world.

5. - Your open shop the 24 hours of the day/365 days to the year. Visible in Spain and everybody. You imagine to be able to sell to anyone, any day and to any hour?

Examples of Stores ONLINE

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We want to help you with your project online, for that reason if you need more information about the stores online and than they are made up, we were to your total disposition.

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