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We are an agency of specialized design Web developing and programming of websites in and want to put our knowledge to your disposition. You need to realise a maintenance of your webpage?

maintenance of webpages

Ample Range of Maintenance services Web

Redesign of webpages or Updates of WordPress

Update of the subject or soles of the website

Update of all the plugins and detection of incompatibilities

Obsolete change or substitution of plugins

Backup copies/Restoration/Backup

Safety measures: anti-virus, anti Spam, I scan malware

Cleaning and optimization of the data base, revisions and commentaries Spam

Technical incidences wordpress

Transfers of domain and migration mail

Remote support

Telephone formation. Consultancy. Audit Web

Control of broken links

Optimization of the speed of load/wpo

To recover WordPress, repair Web

WordPress development for reforms, adjustments and updates

WordPress development for optimization SEO

Hours of WordPress development for installation of groups, plugins, etc.

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Is necessary the maintenance Web?

Many independent companies and once finished the development of their webpage, ask to us if it is really necessary to contract the maintenance for webpages. The answer is very clear: if it is done with a CMS as WordPress or any other yes is necessary, because? Because it uses PHP, a data base and is composed by modules of different developers, another problem are the groups for used webpages that sooner or later end up being obsolete. If you do not maintain your webpage can arise problems from major or pierced minor. In the case of WEBS in HTML no, because they are static files, there is no PHP, data bases neither component modules nor developed by a creator of webpages.

maintenance Web

That price has the maintenance Web?

Prices and types on watch who we offer

In Cgiget we have two ways to make the maintenance webpages or a blog: monthly payment (with commitment) or precise hiring or per hours (without commitment). Both consist of contracting a package of hours the developer and the difference is that a fixed quota, usually has a price per economic hour in exchange for certain permanence, quarterly, semester, etc., while the precise hiring of modifications in the Web or precise adjustments, is only realised at the request of the client. What is your election?

Despite in Creators Web always we are open to new line of work to favor the client and to always fit to us to the necessity. It only has to contact with us and to indicate to us that you need and we will send an exclusive budget to you for you.

To pay a monthly payment is interesting when the client has work occasional that to offer to the programmer who goes away to make position of the maintenance of his webpage in , whereas the precise payment or by consumption interests when the tasks to realise are sporadic.

It spends time to your business, while we were in charge of your Web

We want that your Web works as a clock, for that reason make your available a multitude of services Web to your measurement, audit of webpages, consultancy design Web, improvement of blog, text writing. It requests your budget of maintenance to size Web and we helped you in all the managements that they have to do with your webpage in .

As agency of development and design Web we had experts in programming Web with many years of experience that can help to that your webpage works far better.

Maintenance services

  • Change of supplier of hosting
  • Transfer of domains or Migration
  • Redireccionamiento of domains
  • Backup of email
  • To add texts, photos, videos
  • To add new pages, sections, etc
  • Positioning SEO in Local or
  • Campaigns of publicity in google Adwords
  • Management of Blog, to raise post
  • Adjustment of photos, optimization Web
  • Design of logo, redesign, restyling
  • Update of Plugins, wordpress
  • To add Reserves, appointments to its Web, calendars

How work your does maintenance Web?

  • The maintenance Web that we always offer to you is in accordance with what you need, by realised change or annual monthly necessity/
  • The price of served will depend than you need, we adjusted to your budget.
  • We have extreme services of urgent repair to webpages, cases (Service week 24h and ends).
  • We have specialists in wordpress, woocommerce, stores online, programming.
  • If your website goes slow we studied the possible necessary optimizations.
  • Cleaning of webpages infected by virus or hackeadas. Advising by hackeo Web

Experts in maintenance Web wordpress

Center you in your business, you enjoy your free time and while, we took care of which your webpage works correctly and safely.

Your webpage will be working 24h to the day and managed by true professionals with great experience.

Question by our or to size precise maintenances, we want to comprise that your business is a success.

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In the name of the company we treated the information that it facilitates to us with the purpose of to send information to him related to our products and services by any means (postal, email or telephone). The proportionate data will be conserved while it does not ask for the cease of the activity. The data will not be yielded to third parties safe in the cases in that a legal obligation exists. You must right to obtain confirmation on if in Cgiget we are treating his personal data therefore must right to rectify the inexact data or to ask for his suppression when the data no longer are necessary for the aims that were picked up?

Many of our clients have contracted the maintenance of webpages in ?

You have thought the benefit that can obtain maintaining updated its content?

A Webconstant movement generates confidence in your clients and it maintains to them informed into the present supplies, promotions and news on his company or activity.

You want to know to whichever hill a webpage in or the maintenance of a site. Speech with us and we clarified you all doubts

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