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Web the presses, Rotulaci贸n, Luminous

We create webpages for companies of luminous labels and

ROTULGAR is a company dedicated to the digital Impression and rotulaci贸n. Their specialty is the luminous ones in near , , Cadiz and provinces. Also the vinyls for the corporeas cars, and labels,燽illboards and letters work

The design of the proposed webpage is wordpress. The Web is made up of multiple sections, where all the services are offered is a premium webpage with extras. The client needed as accessories a PACK POSITIONING IN GOOGLE, gallery and portfolio of works carried out, forms of pick up燼nd campaign of publicity in google. At the moment ROTULGAR occupies the first positions in google in the searches related to the sector of the luminous ones in , and Cadiz that are where it more interests to him to catch clients and this working a campaign of adwords to complement the SEO positioning that this being realised.

Rotulgar is client of Creators Web from year 2015 and our agency of design Web offers maintenance services to him Web, hosting and domain as well as SEO and SEM.

Luminous pages for and the presses in

This Web is made up of the following thing:

  • 6 main Sections or pages and 3 sub-pages
  • Gallery of photos
  • Portfolio of works
  • Variable forms of contact

At the moment this company counts on the following services Web:

  • Maintenance of webpage
  • Positioning Web
  • Service of Hosting and domain
  • 1 Cuenta of corporative mail