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Specialists in therapy of pair, depression, anxiety

The Clinic of psychology JOAQUIN FERRERAcounts on specialties in all the fields treated as psychologists in , from the therapy of pair, sexual therapy to the treatment of the depression, anxiety and all type of phobias.

The development of this Web is realised in wordpress,one of the best options to create webpages and at the moment the most used. The Web is made up of multiple sections, explained of individual way, with texts contributed by the client, that suppose an EXTRA, reason why it is included to size within the webpages. As extra a PACK OF PHOTOGRAPHIES, SLIDERS or slides in HOME page were added to him and to be able to amortize the project, the creation of a campaign of publicity in google in and positioning seted out to him Web, at the moment JOAQUIN FERRERA occupies the first positions of google in the searches of words as sexual therapy, anxiety and treatments of the depression

Thanks to having a webpage, psychologist Joaquín Ferrera has increased to his popularity and the visits to his clinic concerning Web as as much physical.

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This page is made up of the following sections

  • 5 main Sections
  • 18 secondary sub-sections or pages
  • Blog
  • Variable forms of contact

At the moment we worked the following services Web:

  • Maintenance of webpage
  • Positioning Web
  • Service of Hosting and domain

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